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Australian News Media Ignore Launch of New Political Movement in Australia

December 3, 2013
he Australian Alliance was launched as a new political movement in Australia but was ignored by all news media networks

he Australian Alliance was launched as a new political movement in Australia but was ignored by all news media networks

If it wasn’t reported in the news media, it didn’t happen. Only it did happen, and was reported at first via social media last night live via Twitter and via Adelaide’s new independent news service the launch of a new independent political alliance in Australia.

Although the event took place in the very center of Adelaide, capital city of South Australia, in the Convention Centre and was announced and circulated well in advance, not one Australian news network reported it. The one Adelaide newspaper The Advertiser owned by Murdoch’s News Corporation knew of the important event and chose not to give it any mention.

The Australian Alliance which brings together experts, activists, and campaigners across a wide range of issues of paramount importance to the Australian people but largely ignored by the established political parties, was launched yesterday afternoon with various speakers from the Alliance addressing the hall.

The Alliance was fully aware of the likelihood of being completely ignored by news media here given that the media are, along with the established political parties, opposed to independent politics, the rights and best interests of Australians, and reporting facts and events of importance to Australia but which threaten their monopoly.

This awareness was brought into full view of all those attending the launch as speakers addressed this issue and informed the hundreds of supporters of the Australian Alliance that rather than rely on that mediawhich has already exposed its opposition to Australian interests and peoples long ago, the Alliance had formed its own news media partnerships most notably with Adelaide’s new independent news service which in turn supplies news to Mathaba.

Mathaba being the world’s number one ranked independent news agency is able to break the censorship within Australia where issues of vital importance to the Australian people are either ignored or disinformation propaganda is put into place to keep people in the dark about those issues. With Murdoch’s News Corp already having beencaught in panic over the launch of alternative media in Adelaide, it’s non coverage of the launch of the Australian Alliance did not surprise. Read more at


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