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Syria chemical weapon attack: social media reacts

August 23, 2013

By Noor Al Khatib

Dubai: Following the news report on Wednesday morning of a chemical weapons attack in Syria, social media in the region was flooded with fluorescent yellow graphics condemning the attack and labelling it a “chemical massacre in Syria”. From Twitter to Facebook and Instagram, people wasted no time in changing their profile pictures and showing their support and solidarity with the Syrian victims. Variations of the bright yellow images carrying the warning symbol for nuclear energy went viral as images of victims of the attack were shared on social media.

On Twitter, #CWMassacre was trending on Wednesday in the UAE and continued to be an active hashtag the following day, too, as tweeps shared their outrage at the use of chemical weapons on the young victims.

One user under the handle, @Abdullah_Osman, tweeted: “Finding it difficult to smile after seeing the images from #Syria today… My Lord, have mercy on them! #CWMassacre #Prayfor Syria.”

Reem Al Touhami, tweeting from her username @reemoo1919, said: “What’s the guilt of those children??” Accompanying her tweet was one of the many graphic images circulating online of victims of the attack along with another popular hashtag, #AnewMassacreinSyria.

Others called for the international community to take action and end the world’s silence towards Syria.

Mercy, who tweeted under the handle @_r75, said: “Chemicals have killed too many people in Syria! We’re humans and we have to do something to save them!”

Simalarily, @Ei11id tweeted the following from his account: “#AnewMassacreinSyria Why the world turns a blind eye? It seems like the victims are NOT human enough for the US humanity standards!”

@iFalasteen tweeted: “Martyrs everywhere and we still have sleeping leaders #CWMassacre #AnewMassacreinSyria.”

Rifaie Tammas tweeted from his account and said: “So we wait and keep waiting, and we die and you keep watching!”

While most people expressed their shock and anger at the attacks, others online were more sceptical of the reports about the attack.

Feraas, under the twitter handle @BouyaMedia, raised questions about who was really responsible for the alleged chemical attack. He said: “Use your brain, not your emotions. No inquiry or investigation was launched into #CWMassacre. Journalism no longer means fact checking!” Read more in Gulf News.


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