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August 22, 2013


An interesting theory on Sen. Ted Cruz‘s (R-Texas) decision to release his birth certificate this week, brought to you by national politics reporter David Catanese:

… Cruz has shown his disdain for the press as his profile has risen.  He’s derided BuzzFeed as “left-wing,” and recently told Time be believes the media renders conservatives “stupid or evil.”

It’s easy money for a conservative to beat up the press and Cruz is self-assured he’s smarter than most of the reporters who trail him.

That’s why its striking that a media outlet — albeit a home state one — ended up forcing his hand, making him cry uncle on the question of his citizenship.

After The Dallas Morning News quoted an attorney asserting flatly — “He’s a Canadian,” — Cruz appeared to conclude the issue had become too radioactive to ignore. …

It was the humbling of Ted Cruz.

Published in The Blaze.

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