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Joshua Hersh To HuffPost Live: Media Situation In Egypt ‘Dangerous’

August 18, 2013

HuffPost correspondent Joshua Hersh spoke to HuffPost Live from Cairo Friday about the media situation in Egypt.

The country is going through a brutal spasm of violence after the government forcibly cleared a number of Muslim Brotherhood protest sites, killing hundreds in the process.

Speaking to host Ahmed Shihab-Eldin, Hersh said that there were moments he wished he had body armor on the streets of Cairo. He also said that press passes were not being renewed for journalists.

“I had to try to renew a press pass … and was told they would not renew any press passes … until they had a clearance from the security services,” he said. “That’s a pretty dangerous situation.”

Hersh also spoke about the approach of many Egyptian media outlets, which have not shown much of the violence taking place in Cairo and elsewhere.

“They’re interested in depressing the Brotherhood, and returning back to a nice secure business climate, and that looks an awful lot like the pre-Mubarak days,” he said. Published in Huffington Post.


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