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RNC Resolution Addresses Debate Problem, Then Complicates It

August 16, 2013


After much ballyhoo and bellyaching, the RNC has decided that it will officially enshrine its ultimatum to CNN and NBC: cease production on your planned Hillary Clinton movies, or there will be no Republican primary debates on your networks. Or…rather, any such debates will not be sanctioned. Any GOP candidate who appears on any such debates will be…well, I don’t know what will happen to them.

This ultimatum is the “news-making” portion of the resolution the RNC has just passed, in which it makes its displeasure over these Clinton projects known. Or rather, more earnestly known — obviously these complaints have been in the news for weeks. Deep within the resolution, however, is the acknowledgement that the 2012 primary debates were not beneficial to the GOP, and an outline of a sensible plan to improve the way the party handles its primary season debates in 2016.

The “news-making” part of the resolution really complicates the “sensible plan” part of the resolution, for reasons that I am at a loss to understand.

Here is the resolution that was passed:

rnc resoltuion debateThe RNC’s paramount complaint is that any sort of Hillary Clinton biopic or documentary amounts to a tacit political endorsement. This has been Reince Priebus’ argument from the outset. Read more at the Huffington Post.


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