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Have An Anti-Gay Bigot Discuss Gay Rights On the Air? It’s Fine By CNN

August 14, 2013

By Manar Hijaz

Obama Medal of FreedomMost media coverage today is nothing more than social and political chicanery — a professional form of prevarication and deceit. And while some media coverage is unequivocally biased and one-sided, CNN has been considered one of the more reputable news sources (although a lot of that reputation was tarnished with its coverage of the Boston Bombings). However, CNN’s decision to invite the hateful leader of an anti-LGBT group to discuss the passing of transgender-rights laws in California demonstrates the network’s lack of disinterested reporting and its complete disregard for credible news coverage.

Randy Thomasson, the leader of Save California, appeared on the Tuesday’s edition of CNN Newsroom alongside Transgender Law Center’s Masen Davis. Thomasson has not been shy about his anti-LGBT sentiment and in the past has compared homosexuality to smoking, drunk driving, and drug abuse. He further demonstrated his prejudiced views when at the end of the CNN segment he told Davis, a transgender male, and host Brooke Baldwin, “Hey, good to talk to you ladies.” No one should have to be forced to endure this level of public castigation and discrimination for the way they choose to live their life.

It was entirely inappropriate for CNN to invite an openly discriminatory individual onto their show as a means to hear “both sides.” This was not an innocuous interview, especially considering the link between anti-gay bullying and suicide and depression. And while everyone is entitled to an opinion — and a platform to openly and freely express that opinion — they must learn to tolerate opposing views. Despite one’s personal, political, and religious beliefs on the LGBT issue, every human being should be treated with respect no matter what their sexual identity is. Thomasson did not demonstrate any level of respect and instead took the opportunity to perpetuate hate through his insensitive, hateful, and offensive remarks.

It isn’t the job of the media to come down either side of an issue. At the very least they should be expected to provide a balanced portrayal of opposing sides, via credible sources, so that the viewers can decide for themselves. CNN has failed in this regard. As viewers, we make an important decision to watch coverage from a specific source, and with so much room for indoctrination, our selection should be made wisely. Viewers should not tolerate unbalanced portrayals of any issue and should always demand an impartial depiction of the truth.  Published in Policymic.


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