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Was the royal baby coverage too much?

July 26, 2013

From the North-West Evening Mail.

ACCORDING to David Cameron, the birth of the royal baby is “something for everyone to be excited about”. How exactly? writes STEPHEN MCCLAY, a languages teacher and former Dowdales School pupil.

Why is this baby any more exciting for people than the baby of any other couple that they don’t know personally?

What was certainly not exciting was the live news updates on Monday; what was there to update? It was either born or it wasn’t.

One quote in the news said: “Royal aides could not confirm whether or not the expectant father was driving the car that arrived at the hospital.”

What a ridiculous, unnecessary statement. It’s about as relevant as telling us what colour shoes Kate was wearing. It isn’t news.

One person interviewed outside the hospital before the birth was quoted as saying “this really is the people’s pregnancy”.

A woman gives birth in a private hospital which she uses taxpayers’ money to pay for, she’s going to take the baby home to a flat which has recently been refurbished to the cost of £1m of taxpayers’ money and her baby, even if it turns out to be thick or lazy, will become head of state and expect the rest of us to bow down to them no matter how much more intelligent or qualified we are.

How are “the people” involved in that then?

The fact that only this baby will have the chance to become head of state means that, effectively, the royals are saying “our baby is better than any other baby also born on Monday”.

Why have we got 24-hour news coverage and 18 pages of newspapers devoted to something as unfair and offensive as that? The news should be about facts and balanced opinion.

The facts of this story are: “woman has baby” which fits on to one line, not 18 pages.

As for the opinion, I’ve only seen one side presented in the news. I’ve seen negative reaction to the birth and its coverage on social media but only seen “celebration” being reported in the media.

The inaccuracies in the news have been shocking as well, quotes like “royal baby sparks world celebration” are simply factually incorrect, which should not be allowed.

There was a deadly earthquake in China, a man shot in his car in Marseille and Al Qaeda prisoners escaping from Abu Ghraib prison on Monday.

Is Prince Charles not yet knowing the baby’s name really more important than all of that? Read more at the North-West Evening Mail.


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