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Morsi Ousted While Sparring With Egyptian Army on Social Media

July 4, 2013

By Alex Fitzpatrick

Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi was overthrown Wednesday by the Egyptian military following three days of occasionally violent street protests across the country. The Supreme Council of the Armed Forces (SCAF) suspended the constitution and said the Chief Justice would assume presidential powers until a new election could be held.

Social media has for years been a source of news and information during political upheaval. It’s also been a place for opposition groups to organize. Both of those phenomena have happened plenty in Egypt this week.

Morsi tweeted: “President Mohamed Mursi asserts his grasp on constitutional legitimacy and rejects any attempt to deviate from it, and calls on the armed forces to withdraw their warning and refuses to be dictated to internally or externally.”

While Morsi would appear in a televised address later in the evening, news organizations around the world ran with Morsi’s Tweet of Defiance before his speech began.

NYTimes Lede Blog @thelede

Update: Morsi Issues Defiant Tweet #Egypt
5:11 PM – 2 Jul 2013

Opposition groups even responded to it, generating almost unbelievable headlines like this one: “MURSI’S TWEET PUSHING COUNTRY TOWARD `CIVIL WAR’: OPPOSITION.” Read the rest of the story at Mashable.

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